Lake Industries undergoes a brand transformation to match new growth plan


In March 2019, Lake Industries debuted a new brand direction that included a complete logo and brand standard overhaul, and a new direction for the growth of the company as a global product supplier.

For decades, Lake industries has been known as a manufacturer and wholesaler of some of the finest cookware brands in the world. What most people and even customers don’t realize is that Lake Industries is a major provider of innovative marketing solutions to many different industries.

The updated logo comes with a mark that is meant to marry the two goals of the company. The hexagon represents the manufacturing and industrial nature of the company, and the rising arrow laid over top signifies the constant growth goals for clients and dealers.

A new core message of “Client Obsessed” has also been introduced and is the central theme to all growth areas at the company. Saville Kellner, CEO of Lake Industries, said “We have always held the belief that the only thing that matters is the success of our clients, and rebranding the company gave us an opportunity to make sure that obsession carries through to everything we do. Without our clients, we wouldn’t have a business, and their success is our success.”

Over the next 6 months, brand and messaging elements will roll out in stages beginning with a redesign of redesigned product websites launching in mid-April 2019.


Client Obsessed

“Our products have always been center stage, but our main goal has always been to provide the tools to our clients to help them achieve massive sales numbers.”

-Dave Burch
Vice President of Sales

Saville Kellner