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Lake Industries Product Warranty
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Water Ionizer
Water Filter (Stainless Steel)
Water Filter (Sealed Countertop)
Air Purifier
Induction Range
Oil Core Skillet
Rice Cooker
Food Cutter
Vacuum Storage

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Garantía de Producto de Lake Industries


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Bateria de Cocina
Ionizador de Agua
Filtro de Agua (Acero Inoxidable)
Filtro de Agua (Sellado)
Purificador de Aire
Estufa de Inducción
Sartén Eléctrico
Extractor de Jugo
Cortador de Comida
Almacenamiento de Vacío

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Knob Replacement


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Lake Industries products purchased originally from authorized Lake Industries distributors in personal contact with their customers are fully warrantied and are entitled to customer service support. Products purchased through other means, including auction sites and second hand stores are not warrantied and will NOT receive customer service support from Lake Industries. Not sold in retail stores.Sold only through demonstration by an authorized independent Lake Industries distributor.
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